Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sunday, December 18, 2011


I've got a lot to be excited about at this point in time!  I've always loved photography and have recently fallen in love with making linocut prints.  I've wanted to do more with both interests for awhile.  This month I rented out my first art space.  I'm thinking that with a dedicated space to do so, I can expand my interests and do more of what I love.  So far, it's been a productive month!  I've got a couple projects in the works (including this blog...).  A little bit about some of them:

Dominic Lavoie, local musician and my husband-to-be, is creating his first ever solo album. EXCITING!  I've created 100 album envelopes for the upcoming release.  Each one is hand-printed with three different colored linocut blocks.

A few pix of the process...

carving the yellow block:

the white layer:

adding gloss:


I'm making a handful of postcards & posters of this pug print I made 
last year for my new year cards.  I hope to make more pet portraits in 
the future for the dog lovers out there including commissioned prints.  
I am going to Planet Dog & Fetch this week to see if they will sell them there. 

The fawn layer:

drying on the line (& this is my workspace!):


And last but not least...I made not one but two batches of these save the date postcards for my wedding...(date was changed as soon as I finished the first set, ha).  So fun!


cheers & love,